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204. All of the following compounds may be synthesized from cholesterol except: glucose 205. All of the following describe associations between protein nutrition and the body's water balance except: excessive protein losses by the kidney may lead to dehydration 206. All of the following describe features for application of the recommended nutrient intakes except: The recommendations also apply to sick people 207. All of the following statements are characteristics of lipid intake of U.S. adults except: trans-fatty acid intake accounts for less than 1% of total fat intake. 208. Among the following foods, which contains the lowest amount of lactose per serving?: american cheese 209. Among the following, which is the major weakness of a laboratory- based study?: the results can't be applied to human beings 210. Among the GI tract organs, which has the strongest muscles?: Stomach 211. An empty-kcalorie food is one that contains: excess energy and little or no protein, vitamins or minerals. 212.
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