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227. At the end of your class presentation on "Protein-Energy Malnutrition," a student asks you to clarify how the rapid onset of protein-energy malnutrition occurs in kwashiorkor. How should you respond?: It is typically seen in patients who are 1-3 years old due to the sudden change in diet arising from their being weaned from breast milk after the birth of a sibling 228. Before publication in a reputable journal, the findings of a research study must undergo scrutiny by experts in the field according to a process known as: peer review 229. Bile is known to assist in the absorption of: fat only 230. By chemical analysis, what nutrient is present in the highest amounts in most foods?: Water 231. By law, a serving size on beverage food labels is: 8 fluid ounces 232. Characteristics of an acute disease include all of the following except: it progresses slowly. 233. Characteristics of dietary phytic acid include all of the following except: it is classified as a fiber 234. Characteristics of hydrogenated oils include all of the following
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