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271. In the body, the chemical energy in food can be converted to any of the following except: light energy. 272. In vegetarians, the RDA is higher for: iron 273. In which of the following food groups are legumes found?: Meats 274. Inflammation of the large intestine is known as: colitis 275. Information that must be lawfully provided on food labels includes all of the following except: the amount recommended for ingestion each day. 276. Inspection of hair, eyes, skin, and posture is part of the nutrition assessment component known as: Physical 277. Into what region of the intestinal tract does the stomach empty?: duodenum 278. Jamie is a vegetarian who is trying to plan a healthy diet with the help of MyPyramid. Which of the following meat alternatives would be the best nutrient choices for one day?: .5 cup black beans, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 c spinach 279. Jim went for his annual medical check-up and was diagnosed with heartburn. Which of the following actions is most likely causing
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