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348. What is a zymogen?: An inactive enzyme precursor 349. What is a zymogen?: an inactive enzyme precursor 350. What is an oligopeptide?: a string of about 4-9 amino acids 351. What is one function of the gallbladder?: Stores bile 352. What is one function of the pyloric sphincter?: prevents the contents of the small intestine from backing up into the stomach 353. What is the AMDR for fat?: 20-35% 354. What is the amino acid pool?: A mix of essential and nonessential amino acids derived from protein breakdown and dietary protein intake 355. What is the approximate energy value of one teaspoon of liquid lecithin supplement?: 45Kcal 356. What is the chief function of pepsin?: cleaves proteins into smaller polypeptides 357. What is the chief reason people choose the foods they eat?: Taste 358. What is the fate of any enzymes that are present in the foods we eat?: Hydrolyzed in the GI tract 359. What is the first organ to receive carbohydrates absorbed from the intestine?: liver 360. What is the first vessel to receive absorbed water-soluble
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