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377. What is the primary role of the normal, thriving intestinal bacterial population?: Helps prevent infectious bacteria from attacking the system 378. What is the primary site for absorption of nutrients?: microvillus 379. What is the principle carbohydrate of milk?: lactose 380. What is the simplest 18-carbon fatty acid?: stearic acid 381. What is the substance that protects the stomach walls from digestion?: mucus 382. What is the sweetest-tasting simple carbohydrate in the diet?: fructose 383. What is the term that defines foods that contain nonnutrient substances whose known action in the body is to promote well- being to a greater extent than that contributed by the food's nutrients?: Functional Foods 384. What is the upper range of fat intake in the AMDR?: 35% 385. What is the very first thing you should do if you suspect someone is choking on food?: Ask the person to make sounds from the throat 386. What is the weight (lbs) of the "reference" adult female?: 126 387. What is/are the primary target organ(s) for the action of
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