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404. What two major nutrients are supplied by the fruit and vegetable groups?: Vitamins A and C 405. What type of deficiency is caused by inadequate absorption of a nutrient?: Secondary 406. What type of fatty acid is found in high amounts in olive oil?: monounsaturated 407. What type of fiber is readily digested by colonic bacteria?: fermentable 408. What type of nutrient is starch?: complex carbohydrate 409. What type of protein would the body make in order to heal a wound?: collagen 410. What type of reaction is required to bind two molecules of glycine together and release a molecule of water?: condensation 411. When consumed in excess, all of the following can be converted to body fat and stored except: Vitamin C 412. When consumed in excess, which of the following is most likely to lead to diarrhea?: sorbitol 413. When consumed on a regular basis, which of the following foods promotes healthful changes of the microflora of the GI tract?: yogurt 414. When two amino acids are chemically joined together, the
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