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427. Which of the following describes a recognized relationship between dietary fat and cancer?: High saturated fat intake may raise the risk for prostate cancer 428. Which of the following describes a relationship between carbohydrate intake and dental health?: Eating a sugary dessert at the beginning of a meal, rather than the end, is less likely to promote dental caries 429. Which of the following describes an association between protein intake and kidney function?: Restricting protein intake may slow the progression of kidney disease 430. Which of the following describes the compound phytic acid?: Nonnutrient component of plant seeds 431. Which of the following describes the legal limitations, if any, for a person who disseminates dietary advice to the public?: A license to practice as a nutritionist or dietitian is required by some states 432. Which of the following do(es) not function as a transport protein?: collagen 433. Which of the following fibers is water insoluble?: cellulose
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