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28_Test_Sample Test Understanding Nutrition - influenza...

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The recommended intake is set at the population mean Energy Excess nutrient intake leads to this Overnutrition Deficient nutrient intake leads to this Undernutrition Measurement of physical characteristics Anthropometrics A nutrient deficiency showing outward signs Overt deficiency A nutrient deficiency in the early stages Subclinical deficiency Which of the following leading causes of death in the U.S. does not bear a relationship to diet? Pneumonia and
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Unformatted text preview: influenza What are the "ABCDMV" principles of diet planning? Adequacy, balance, kcalorie control, nutrient density, moderation, and variety Nutrient dense refers to foods that provide more nutrients relative to kcalories. he concept of nutrient density is most helpful in achieving what principle of diet planning? kCalorie control An empty-kcalorie food is one that contains excess energy and little or no protein, vitamins or minerals....
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