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What is the most satiating macronutrient? Protein What fraction of the day's energy expenditure of the average person is represented by his or her basal metabolism? About 2/3 Which of the following does not decrease the metabolic rate? Fever Which of the following factors has the most influence on the body's metabolic rate? Amount of lean body tissue If a dancer and a office worker are the same height and have the exact same body build, the dancer will be heavier because she has more muscle mass. What is the main explanation for the difference in basal metabolic rates between males and females of the same body weight?
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Unformatted text preview: Males have a higher percentage of lean body mass An index of a person's weight in relation to height is called body mass index. What is the range of body fat content for normal-weight women? 23-31% In what region of the body is the storage of excess body fat associated with the highest risks for cardiovascular disease and diabetes? Abdomen The major cause of insulin resistance is related to excess body weight. What term is given to the condition of a female athlete who has an eating disorder and develops amenorrhea and osteoporosis? Female athlete triad...
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