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Upon beginning a meal, the satiety signal in the body is sent after a lag time of about 20 minutes Which of the following describes the results of a weight-loss study comparing a low-carbohydrate diet with a low-fat diet? On the low-carbohydrate diet, people lost more weight for the first 6 months but regained more weight during the next 6 months What is the best approach to weight loss? Reduce daily energy intake and increase energy expenditure Which of the following is a feature of energy metabolism in formerly obese people who have lost weight? Energy requirements are lower than expected for their current body weight Approximately what percentage of overweight people who intentionally lose weight are able to maintain the weight loss for at least one year?
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Unformatted text preview: 50 The classification of underweight is defined when the BMI first drops below 18.5 Among the following, which is the most important strategy for an underweight person who wishes to achieve a healthy body weight? A high-kcalorie diet plus regular exercise Which of the following does not decrease the metabolic rate? Fever Which of the following can be used to gauge the amount of a person's abdominal fat? Waist circumference About how long does it take for a meal to be completely eliminated from the stomach? 4 hours Which of the following is a feature of vitamins? The quantities present in foods are measured in micrograms or milligrams...
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