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What is a precursor? A substance that is used to synthesize another compound What is meant by the bioavailability of a vitamin in food? The amount absorbed and subsequently used by the body General characteristics of the water-soluble vitamins include all of the following except they must be consumed daily. What is the primary excretory route for the water-soluble vitamins? Kidney When thiamin is consumed in excess of needs, how does the body treat the excess? Excreted primarily in the urine What is a chief function of the B vitamins? Coenzyme participation Which of the following describes the basic function of a coenzyme?
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Unformatted text preview: Attaches to an enzyme and allows a chemical reaction to take place Which of the following food groups ordinarily contains the highest amount of vitamins when expressed per kcalorie? Vegetables What type of container is best for protecting the riboflavin content of milk? Cardboard Which of the following overt side effect(s) is likely to appear after a person ingests a high quantity of nicotinic acid? Painful, tingling, itching sensation Research has shown that the risk for neural tube defects is lowered by taking supplements of folate....
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