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What vitamin deficiency disease appeared in people who had subsisted on a diet high in corn and low in protein? Pellagra Among the following, which would be the best source of Niacin Equivalents? Chicken When thiamin is consumed in excess of needs, how does the body treat the excess? Excreted primarily in the urine In what capacity does vitamin C function? Cofactor in collagen formation Which of the following foods provides ample amounts of vitamin C? Broccoli The known dangers of taking vitamin supplements include all of the following except pathogenic bacterial overgrowth of the large intestines leading to increased risk of infection.
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Unformatted text preview: Which of the following is a feature of water and nutrition? Water intoxication is rare but can result in death The minimum amount of water that must be excreted by the body to dispose of its wastes is termed obligatory water excretion. What is the minimum amount of water (mL) that must be excreted each day as urine in order to carry away the body's waste products? 500 What is the minimum water intake for a 65-kg adult with an energy expenditure of 2,500 kcalories? 2,500 mL What minimum level of body weight loss as water impairs a person's physical performance? 3-4%...
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