39_Test_Sample Test Understanding Nutrition

39_Test_Sample Test - Cheeses Which of the following ages(years is typically associated with people having the densest bone 28 For optimal

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Which of the following types of drinking water contains the lowest amount of minerals? Distilled water Which of the following is present in highest concentration in soft water? Sodium What organ provides the major control for homeostasis of body fluids? Kidneys Approximately how much water (lbs) is found in a 134-lb person? 80 What is the body's most indispensable nutrient? Water What is the greatest single source of sodium in the diet? Processed foods Which of the following is not among the common food sources of potassium?
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Unformatted text preview: Cheeses Which of the following ages (years) is typically associated with people having the densest bone? 28 For optimal utilization of calcium supplements, it is best to take them several times a day, in doses up to 500 mg. At what age do adults normally begin to lose bone mass? 30-40 yrs All of the following are known to have a high correlation with risk for osteoporosis except consuming a high-protein diet....
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