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Which of the following is a feature of phosphorus in nutrition? Dietary deficiencies are virtually unknown Which of the following is a major function of magnesium? Catalyst in energy metabolism What is the major source of dietary sulfur? Protein Which of the following is a feature of physical activity and bone health? Working the muscles places stress on bones which stimulates more trabeculae development Which of the following is a characteristic of the trace minerals? The amounts in foods are dependent, in part, on soil composition Which of the following foods provides iron in the most absorbable form? Hamburger All of the following factors are known to enhance the absorption of iron except
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Unformatted text preview: calcium from milk. Your cousin Emily is a vegetarian. Since you have just learned in your nutrition class that nonheme iron is absorbed less efficiently than heme iron, you want to make sure Emily is getting enough iron. What should you recommend Emily do to maximize her iron absorption? Eat her nonheme iron sources with a glass of orange juice What is the function of MFP factor? Enhances iron absorption Iron overload is also known as hemochromatosis What is the primary function of the thyroid hormones? Control the rate of oxygen use by cells...
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