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What dietary nutrients are most effective at raising muscle glycogen concentrations? Carbohydrates Which of the following diets promotes superior physical performance in athletes? High-carbohydrate diet When a marathon runner experiences the phenomenon known as "hitting the wall," what nutrient is most likely depleted? Glucose Which of the following is a property of conditioned muscles? They can store more glycogen Which of the following is a characteristic of glycogen synthesis after a bout of strenuous training? Glycogen repletion is enhanced most by eating foods with a high glycemic index What nutrient is important in the transport of oxygen in blood and in muscle tissue and in energy transformation reactions?
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Unformatted text preview: Iron Which of the following represents current knowledge of the role of vitamin and mineral supplements in physical performance? Except perhaps for iron and vitamin E, supplements are not recommended because there is no difference in the RDA of physically active people compared with sedentary people Physical performance is noticeably affected when body water loss first reaches 2% All of the following are characteristics of heat stroke except it is rarely fatal Which of the following would be the best choice for physically active people who need to rehydrate? Diluted juice or cool water Which of the following best exemplifies an activity that promotes flexibility? Yoga...
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