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Which of the following is a feature of infant development and nutrition? Breast-fed infants generally score higher on tests of mental development than do formula-fed infants Breast milk as the sole source of nutrition, up to the first 6 months in healthy infants, is satisfactory for all nutrients except vitamin D What is the approximate energy requirement of infants, in kcalories per kilogram body weight? 100 All of the following are features of nutrition and metabolism in infancy except
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Unformatted text preview: the protein content in breast milk can be high enough to occasionally induce protein overload What type of formula is available for infants with milk allergy? Soy Low-fat or nonfat milk should not be given routinely to a child until after the age of two years A child who drinks a lot of milk at the expense of other foods is at high risk of showing signs of anemia. Created: about 1 year ago by evelyngiles Number of cards: 241 Tags: nutrition Sponsor:...
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