mama's kitchen

mama's kitchen - most likely wouldn’t have even known...

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Courtney Harris Mama’s Kitchen Today I attended the Hispanic multicultural event called Mama’s Kitchen. Along with me were Brittney and Kendall. We arrived at the third floor of the Student Center/ LBJ fairly early in order to get towards the front of the line. When we walked in I was surprised to see so many people already standing in line. As we waited for 12 o’clock to roll around we visited and conversed with the strangers we were standing next to in line. At noon the doors opened and everyone slowly began to enter the ballroom. As I entered the big room I saw a ton of activity going on. First, we swiped in to prove that we went. As soon as we were swiped in we continued to walk between a handful of groups. These various groups were there with display boards and flyers trying to promote their organizations. I received a number of different brochures; one from the Hip Hop Congress, Gospel Choir, a few sororities, and many more. Without attending this event I
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Unformatted text preview: most likely wouldn’t have even known that these organizations existed. Once we got through the parade of groups we waited in line for the food. The line was moving fairly quickly as I grabbed my plate and utensils. Next, the servers loaded my plate with a variety of rice, beans, and enchiladas. Following the food was drinks. I got to choose between a variety of sodas or water. I then proceeded to find an empty table for my friends and I to sit. We would go back for dessert after! Since we only had three people a nice guy came and sat with us and we all talked a little bit. Turns out we are both from Arizona, so we had that to talk about for a while. The food was delicious and I wish I could have stayed longer for all of the speakers, but unfortunately I had to run to class. I was almost late....
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mama's kitchen - most likely wouldn’t have even known...

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