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Soledad O'Brien - very successful award winning critically...

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Courtney Harris Soledad O’Brien On Wednesday, October 5, my friends and I loaded up and headed to Strahan for the presentation by Soledad O’Brien. The traffic was terrible causing us to be a couple minutes late so we missed a little bit of the beginning and we did not get very good seats. Soledad O’Brien is a very prestigious CNN Correspondent who covers a variety of stories. She is a multiple award winning journalist and anchor for the special investigations unit. We were very fortunate to have her come to our school and speak to us. To go along with this years “common experience”, she began speaking about freedoms and the First Amendment. She also briefly mentioned the many obstacles she had to overcome being a woman, half black and half Latino throughout her career. Putting these hurdles aside she went to Harvard as a premed student and now she is a
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Unformatted text preview: very successful award winning critically acclaimed journalist. She also shared with us part of an interview that she did with a murderer. According to the video this man was convicted of killing at least 2 children but he refuses to confess and still claims to be innocent. Listening to Soledad O’Brien’s presentation was very interesting and I found myself thinking about maybe looking into journalism. Journalism was never on my radar for possible careers, but after listening to her amazing stories and seeing what unbelievable things she has witnessed and been a part of really caught my attention. To be able to have the inside scoop on stories that most just get to hear on the radio or television is really amazing....
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Soledad O'Brien - very successful award winning critically...

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