essay3 - Courtney Harris Locke vs. Hobbes From the minute...

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Courtney Harris Locke vs. Hobbes From the minute babies are born, they rely only on their parents/guardians to take care of them until they are old enough to survive alone. Much like Locke believed, humans are born with an empty mind, meaning that everything that is learned through childhood is gained from experience. These lessons that are learned can affect the body both positively and negatively while it matures. As humans, mistakes must be made in order to mature and grow as adults. Mimicking parents as infants, learning from mistakes that are made, and society’s ultimate effect are all reasons to side with John Locke’s beliefs that humans are born as a blank slate which must be developed throughout life’s experiences. To support Locke’s theory, as children, copying parents comes so easy. It is safe to say that the first few years of human life are extremely crucial to developing correctly. I have heard it said that as infants the brain resembles a sponge; in fact, children learn the most important information in the early years of their lives. Some of this information includes behaviors that are learned from people that surround us. As infants, we do not know the social norms and how we are supposed to behave. It is through our parents, and only our parents, that we learn how to be respectful and treat people the right way. Luckily for me, I was fortunate enough to be raised by amazing parents that are full of
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essay3 - Courtney Harris Locke vs. Hobbes From the minute...

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