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genetic engineering - Courtney Harris Genetic Engineering...

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Courtney Harris Genetic Engineering Imagine a world where every single person is exactly the way that their parents wanted them to be. Not one person is imperfect and society as a whole is living the perfect life. The only way this type of society would be possible is with the assistance of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering can be described as the altering of genes in a human’s cell with hopes to customize a baby exactly the way one wants. Who would want to live in a world where this type of lifestyle occurs? When humans stop making decisions for themselves and leave human development to genetic engineering, knowing that parents and doctors have already decided every decision and behavior enacted by our youth, it is then, our world will have made a drastic change for the worse. Believing that this action of genetic engineering is righteous and morally sound is preposterous. In no way, shape, or form should the process of genetic engineering continue to be used because it negates free will, eliminates diversity on all levels, and can create an even larger gap between the rich and poor. With the use of genetic engineering in this world, the free will of every human will be limited. To my understanding, free will is a philosophical idea in which humans have the right to think, act, and speak for themselves. In order to develop correctly as a child, one must be able to accomplish all of the above. Taking out just one of the three can impact a life in numerous ways. With genetic engineering in place, children are not
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genetic engineering - Courtney Harris Genetic Engineering...

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