Chapter 8 Discussion Questions Introduction to Computers-COSC-1401-4015-2011 Fall

Chapter 8 Discussion Questions Introduction to Computers-COSC-1401-4015-2011 Fall

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Discussion on Databases You have been asked to compile a report justifying the cost of setting up a centralized database for your company. What three main factors would you consider for your report and why? 1. What design criteria should an organization consider when building a database? 2. Give an example of a database system being used at your college or university. What data is contained in this database? How was it collected? 3. Explain the advantages of a database management system (DBMS) storing data in multiple tables rather than within one large table. 4. Explain the purpose of a primary key in a database. 5. Describe the database tools available to help organize, maintain, and manipulate data found in a database. Are
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Unformatted text preview: any of these tools available as open-source programs? 6. How does a data warehouse differ from a day-to-day operational database? 7. Describe the different roles and responsibilities of the Data Administrator and the Database Administrator. 8. As databases grow in popularity, how can we be sure that our information is secure? 9. Where in your everyday activities do you encounter a database in action? 10. Concepts Chapter 8 Discussion Questions - Databases .. 1 of 1 9/10/2011 9:37 PM...
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