chapter 17 - MAR 100 Chapter 17 1.All advertising...

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MAR 100 – Chapter 17 1.All advertising objectives are designed to achieve certain objectives: to inform, persuade, or remind customers. 2.Persuasive advertising is often used when competition: is most intense. 3.Which of the following is NOT true about public relations? With the growth of the Internet, PR is quickly losing its impact. 4.Which of the following are NOT parts of public relations? Coupons and copies of recent sales promotions 5.The key to a successful emotional advertising appeal is to use the emotion to: create a bond between the consumer and the brand. 6.______________________ help consumers make purchase decisions by offering facts in advertising messages and strong arguments built around relevant issues explaining key benefits of the firm's products and services. Informational appeals 7.The additional sales that can be attributed to an advertising campaign are known as: lift. 8.As part of determining the ad campaign's objectives, the marketer needs to decide on either product-focused advertisements or _______________. institutional advertisements 9.The execution style of an advertising message must: match the medium and the objectives. 10._____________ advertising has the advantages of being linked to detailed content, flexible and highly interactive. Internet 11.Kelly is the head of marketing for a cultural, nonprofit agency, and she just received the go- ahead from her Board of Directors to conduct the first-ever advertising campaign. Her first step will be to: identify the target audience. 12.Walmart's "Everyday low prices" selling proposition is effective primarily because it is: meaningful to the consumer. 13.Premiums can do all the following EXCEPT:
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chapter 17 - MAR 100 Chapter 17 1.All advertising...

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