references - Bibliography Abramowitz Milton and Irene A...

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Unformatted text preview: Bibliography Abramowitz, Milton and Irene A. Stegun (eds.) (1964). Handbook of Mathe- matical Functions . Washington, D.C.: National Bureau of Standards. URL ∼ cbm/aands/ . Algoet, Paul (1992). “Universal Schemes for Prediction, Gambling and Portfolio Selection.” The Annals of Probability , 20 : 901–941. See also an important Correction, Annals of Probability , 23 (1995): 474–478. Algoet, Paul H. and Thomas M. Cover (1988). “A Sandwich Proof of the Shannon-McMillan-Breiman Theorem.” The Annals of Probability , 16 : 899– 909. Amari, Shun-ichi and Hiroshi Nagaoka (1993/2000). Methods of Informa- tion Geometry . Providence, Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society. Translated by Daishi Harada. As Joho Kika no Hoho , Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten Publishers. Arnol’d, V. I. (1973). Ordinary Differential Equations . Cambridge, Mas- sachusetts: MIT Press. Trans. Richard A. Silverman from Obyknovennye differentsial’nye Uravneniya . — (1978). Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics . Berlin: Springer- Verlag. First published as Matematicheskie metody klassichesko ˘ i mekhaniki , Moscow: Nauka, 1974. Arnol’d, V. I. and A. Avez (1968). Ergodic Problems of Classical Mechanics . Mathematical Physics Monograph Series. New York: W. A. Benjamin. Badino, Massimiliano (2004). “An Application of Information Theory to the Problem of the Scientific Experiment.” Synthese , 140 : 355–389. URL http: // . Banks, J., J. Brooks, G. Cairns, G. Davis and P. Stacy (1992). “On Devaney’s Definition of Chaos.” American Mathematical Monthly , 99 : 332–334. Bartlett, M. S. (1955). An Introduction to Stochastic Processes, with Special Reference to Methods and Applications . Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press. 231 BIBLIOGRAPHY 232 Basharin, Gely P., Amy N. Langville and Valeriy A. Naumov (2004). “The Life and Work of A. A. Markov.” Linear Algebra and its Applica- tions , 386 : 3–26. URL ∼ meyn/pages/ Markov-Work-and-life.pdf . Biggers, Earl Derr (1928). Behind That Curtain . New York: Grosset and Dunlap. Billingsley, Patrick (1961). Statistical Inference for Markov Processes . Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Blackwell, David and M. A. Girshick (1954). Theory of Games and Statistical Decisions . New York: Wiley. Bosq, Denis (1998). Nonparametric Statistics for Stochastic Processes: Estima- tion and Prediction . Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2nd edn. Caires, S. and J. A. Ferreira (2005). “On the Non-parametric Prediction of Conditionally Stationary Sequences.” Statistical Inference for Stochastic Pro- cesses , 8 : 151–184. Courant, Richard and David Hilbert (1953). Methods of Mathematical Physics ....
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references - Bibliography Abramowitz Milton and Irene A...

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