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Unformatted text preview: General Bivariate Continuous Distributions This continuous variable example illustrates 1) Finding the marginal and conditional for the two variables and corresponding expected values, variances, and standard deviations. 2) Finding general conditional distributions given X or Y and specific conditional distributions given a specific value for X or Y 3) Finding covariance and correlation for X and Y A bivariate continuous distribution 1. Find the marginal distribution for 0 = .294 2. Find the conditional distribution of f(y|x) and then find f(y|x=.5) 2 3. Find the marginal distribution for 0 = .476 4. Find the conditional distribution f(x|y) and f(x|y= When , and the above distribution simplifies. It would be easy to find the expected values, variance and standard deviation for this conditional distribution. 5. Covariance and Correlation for X and Y We just to find E(XY) since we already have E(X) = .56 and E(Y) = 1.4 and from 1. above. from 3. above. – ...
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