Collision lab - of mass 1 Final velocity of mass 1 Initial...

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Amber P Purpose Procedu To do thi almost ze used java data is th going to Observa Experime Patel : To use law re: is we are goi ero friction s a applets to g hen used to m find the ratio ation: ent 1: The g of conserva ing to watch so friction ca get the point measure the i o m1/m2 by raph when tw C ation of ener h three video an be neglec ts of the cars initial and th using law o wo cars coll Collisions rgy to find th s of collision ted in our ex s with respec he final veloc of conservati ide and both he ratio of m ns of cars on xperiment. A ct to time in city. After fi on of mome h move in the ass of two c n air tracks. T After watchin each collisio inding the ve entum. e same direc colliding obj The air track ng the video on. The grap elocities we ction ects. k has os we phical are
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Experime Experime ent 2: The g ent 3: The g raph when tw raph when tw wo cars coll wo cars coll ide and one ide and mov moves forw ve in opposit ard while on te directions ne comes to . rest.
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Experimen t number Initial velocity
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Unformatted text preview: of mass 1 Final velocity of mass 1 Initial velocity of mass 2 Final velocity of mass 2 Ratio m1/m2 1 0 m/s -10.36m/s -0.25m/s -0.16m/s 0.009 2 0m/s -0.55m/s -0.28m/s 0m/s 0.5 3 0m/s -0.12m/s -0.27m/s 0.37m/s 5.3 Conclusion: By our experiment we can conclude that the greater the m1/m2 ratio is present in the collision the greater is the possibility of objects to move in opposite directions after collision. In experiment 1 it was seen that both objects went in the same direction thus their m1/m2 ratio was very small close to a 0.009. While in the case when one object comes to rest and other moves the ratio was small but not too small; it was 0.5. But in case of moving in opposite direction the ratio was greater than 1 and large; it was 5.3. This experiment shows us that the ratio of mass can help judge the movement of the two bodies after collision....
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Collision lab - of mass 1 Final velocity of mass 1 Initial...

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