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Amber Patel Car Lab Weight of car: 3264lb FR: 1684 RR: 1580 Observation: Tire Area of Contact(in 2 ) Weight Supported by Tire (lb) [FR: 1684/2 RR: 1580/2] Pressure Calculated (lb/in 2 ) Pressure Measured (lb/in 2 ) Measured pressure/ Calculated Pressure × 1 0 0 Left Front 32.4 842 25.9 25.2 97% Right Front 32.8 842 25.6 25 97% Left Rear 30.2 790 26.2 25.6 97% Right Rear 30.5 790 26.9 26.2 97% Analysis 1. If the tire had no membrane of its own then there would be no support to the sidewalls generating a pressure in the tire that is greater thus if there was no membrane there would be no pressure, 2. If the pressure exerted by a tire of the same size but higher rigidity was present then the pressure exerted by the tire would be greater as the force mg would be greater. As the Pressure= F/A and the force is greater but the area is same there would be a greater pressure exerted. 3. The owner’s manual weight could be different than actual weight of the car as the car may have something in it that the owner may not have measured when present such as
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