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Unformatted text preview: Work Review Homework 02‐02 Question 41‐My error was that I copied the question wrong instead of 60 degrees I used 55 degrees a very stupid mistake. I got 9 of 10 correct. 03‐04 Question 43 part c‐ I forgot the negative sign for acceleration Question 31‐ I got it wrong because I mixed up the vector rules and found the opposite directions and did the opposite things. I got 4 partially wrong and one totally wrong. So 7/10 04‐03 I had no error s in the homework 10/10 QUIZ 02‐07 Question 22‐ I did a mistake in converting from cm^2 to m. Question 24‐ I did a converting error in acres to meter. I got an 8 of 10 questions. 03‐05 Question 10‐ The whole was wrong because I couldn’t find the right time as I ignored acceleration. Question 38‐ I forgot to convert meter to kilometer I got 6/10 correct 04‐05 Question 2‐ I did a multiplication error while finding the acceleration Question 8‐ I used a wrong linear motion formula I got 8 of 10 correct. LAB 03‐06 The lab was hard to do as I was driving and taking the points too. I had to manipulate some of my charts because they were not accurate as I was driving a car. Nothing else seemed confusing about the lab. ...
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