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Chapter 13 Book Notes

Chapter 13 Book Notes - 2 Storming individual personalities...

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Chapter 13 Book Notes 13.1 – Groups vs Teams Group- typically management-directed Formal group- created to do productive work (leader) Informal group- created for friendship (no leader) - Collection of people performing as individuals Team- more self-directed - Collection of people with common commitment - 70% of workplace learning is informal 13.2 Five Stages of Group and Team Development 1. Forming- getting oriented and getting acquainted a. Break the ice, figure out goals
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Storming- individual personalities and roles emerge and conflicts occur a. Trying to determine where everyone belongs b. Testing leader’s polcies 3. Norming- conflicts are resolved, close relationships develop, and unity and harmony emerge a. Set guidelines with what each member should do 4. Performing- members concentrate on solving problems and completing the assigned task 5. Adjourning- members prepare for disbandment...
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