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Portfolio Hurricane Katrina

Portfolio Hurricane Katrina - Robby Regan Portfolio...

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Robby Regan Portfolio Opportunity Physical Geology Hurricane Katrina When Hurricane Katrina first began, the idea of creating levees to block the water from the cities was a potential solution to the hurricane. The levees placed in Mississippi were there to help, but ending up breaking from the pressure of the water. The levees were not built strong enough to withstand the strength of the hurricane. After Katrina, a new levy was put in place to make sure nothing of this sort would have again. Hurricanes can be placed into different classes called categories. Hurricanes spin counter clockwise making winds stronger. For example, a category three can build up energy and cause great damage. Before the wetlands protected New Orleans from storms by soaking up the water but the levies in the Mississippi vanished most of the wetlands, and as they vanished, the storms got stronger. Then in category five hurricane, the government had everyone evacuate their homes and get to a secure location. Sixty-eight percent of the people in New Orleans left their homes. The
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