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Exam 2 Review Questions - 03:01 1 Water Resources 2 What is...

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03:01 1. Water Resources 2. What is a resource where nature renews them more slowly than we use them? Nonrenewable 3. Concentration of a naturally occurring material (solid, liquid, gas) in or on the crust of the earth in such a form that economical extraction is currently or potentially feasible is called a what? Resource 4. Which body of water is not only a good supply for water, but has the longest residence time? Groundwater 5. Reserves of copper in the earth’s crusts and represents its resources. Which represents reserve: 3.7 X 10 raised to the 9…the smaller number is reserve, the larger number is resource 6. Mexico city is undergoing subsidence because of what? The fact that it was built on an old lake and with so many peopleliving there they are extracting groundwater faster than it is recharging 7. Groundwater is important because? About 1/2 of the US uses it as their primary source of drinking water, The residence time of pollutants is long and it has become nonrenewable resource 8. Parts of the Ogallala Aquifer are located in what state? Nebraska 9. A farmer dumping old pesticide containers into his sinkhole wouldproduce which kind of contamination? Point source 10. Which statement about sanitary landfills is least accurate? A floodplain is a good place to site one 11. If you are using a well as your water source, it is best to locate it where? Uphill from you septic leach field 12. Glass that contains this element is used in high quality crystal tableware and in optics? Lead 13. The 3 rd most used non-metallic resource in the U.S. is? Cement 14. Sinkholes being in our backyards means what? That there are a systems of caves and water underneath them 15. If you drain out the water underneath the sinkholes, then what happens to the cave? It collapses 16. All those things that are necessary or important to human life and civilization are what? Resources 17. What allows us to grow and supply enough food for people on the planet? Fertilizers 18. The exploitation of resources results in what? Them being consumed at a rate faster than they can be replaced 19. What resources is the most obvious in terms of us using it faster than it gets replenished? Oil 20. What are replaceable on a human time scale? Renewable resources. Food, surface flow, solar, wind, wood, air, water
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21. Water is both what? A renewable and non renewable resource 22. The renewable water we drink in Blacksburg comes from what? The New River 23. Water in a well is what? Non renewable like groundwater 24. What is a non renewable resource? When nature renews the resource more slowly than we use them. Iron, copper, gold, soil, groundwater, oil, coal. 25. Soil requires thousands of years for what? To grow a foot 26. The most important sources of energy are what?
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Exam 2 Review Questions - 03:01 1 Water Resources 2 What is...

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