Test 1 Review - • What is major structure alzhiemers...

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How psychology came to be, when? Booms lab in Germany What is a theory? What is a hypothesis? Different types of perspectives in psychologogy. Differece between applied psychologist and experimental pyschologisst. Cognitive science theories Mind-body controversy. Factual statements and the basic ingredients of one. Science is very inadequate, we never know for sure o Uncertainty principle- hettenberg Health psychologist: monitor behavior Social psychologist : Influence of social events on behavior Different types of methodology: surveys, etc. Correlation: linear relationship b/w two variables. Correlations allow us to predict . (cannot infer causality) Experimental infers causality. Independent v dependent variable Single blind v double blind Neurons: resting potential, ions, cations, anions All or none principle Neuronatomy (covered in class) o Hippocampus What neurotransmitter it uses
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Unformatted text preview: • What is major structure alzhiemers kills in brain>? • Different lobes in left and right brain and what is associated with each. • Visual and audio projection areas • What happens if they are damaged.? • Left brain v right brain • Sympathetic branch • What types of functional disorders deal with left brain v right brain. • Split brain patients: what happens when we disconnect the two brains • Absolute thresholds and diff thresholds • Transduction • Diff b/w sensation and percecption • Monocular cues cadet • Gustaf laws of perception • Principle of closure, proximity, similarity • Developmental psychology • Rationalist v epiricalist • Piaget view of us at birth • Development process • Know stages * • Diff types of experimental designs a developmental psychologist would use . • Harlow and mother love research...
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Test 1 Review - • What is major structure alzhiemers...

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