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Social Psych Discussion Questions

Social Psych Discussion Questions - teachers were males...

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Social Psych Discussion Questions 1. Who was involved in this study? What roles did they play? - The two roles in the study were a learner and teacher. The role of the learner was to memorize answers to the questions. The role of the teacher was to ask the questions, if they student answered a question incorrectly, the teacher had to control the voltage of the shock the learner felt. 2. Was anyone in physical or emotional pain? (Answer both) - The learner was never in any real pain, he was just an actor. He pretended to be in a physical pain from the shocks. The teacher was the one with emotional pain. All the
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Unformatted text preview: teachers were males with aggressive pasts. That is why they would have let their test subject go up to 450 volts if it were a real subject. 3. Briefly describe what you would have done if you were in EACH role described in the study.-If I was in that situation as the teacher, I would definitely have stopped the experiment when he was screaming in agony. I would never be able to harm some random stranger, especially just for a study. If I was in the learner role, I would be scared out of my mind if I knew this information. It is scary that this study was real....
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