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Discussion Questions 483-494 - and helped me with problems...

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Robby Regan Rregan12 11/30/2010 Tuesday 2:30 Honor Code Signature: ________________________________ 1. The Pygmalion effect is based on the teacher-student relationship. The effect says that student’s performance will increase when the teachers positively influence them. The effect studies the enhanced learning caused by what teachers expect from them. 2. Yes, I have definitely experienced this effect. In my Spanish class my senior year, I could definitely tell my grades were doing better when my teacher encouraged me to do better
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Unformatted text preview: and helped me with problems I had. 3. I think that this could be effect in non-military workplaces, it seems to make sense. If you positively influence someone, they have more reason to be more productive. 4. I think that this student is very general; there are many factors that could change in each study. Some things that could vary would be how influential the teacher is to the student is, at what point in time the teacher influences the student, and in what manner does the teacher influence the student....
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