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Robby Regan 905427510 11/2/2010 Tuesday 2:30 Honor Code Signature _________________________________________ 1. The fears he found included not being able to breathe, being hit by a car, bombing attacks, being burned, falling from a high place, burglar breaking into the house, earthquake death, illness, and snakes. This list of fears seems reasonable to say that they are the most common. 2. The three individual difference variables include trait anxiety, anxiety sensitivity, and behavioral inhibition. 3. The experimenters found that people can influence children to have fears of specific things, based on the positive and negative influence they tell the children. Also, if
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Unformatted text preview: experimenters found from negative information in “The Beast” that stories can cause many fears at once. The story increase the children’s fears of being in the dark, fear of dogs, and fear of death. 4. I never liked being in the dark, as I kid I needed the door to be kept open because I was afraid of my dark room. I’m not sure where it originated from, maybe from scary movies that I saw. Also, I never liked being put in small places, I always felt like I was going to get stuck or something bad would happen to me....
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