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Discussion Questions 245

Discussion Questions 245 - animals It is present in areas...

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Robby Regan Rregan12 Tuesday 2:30 10/19/2010 1. Prosopagnosia is the mental condition in which a person cannot recognize people’s faces. They are normal in all other aspects and are emotionally sound, but they cannot remember a person’s face, even those closest to them. It is in the article because a person with this condition cannot recognize facial expressions or emotions. 2. The left hemisphere of the human brain processes the positive emotions while the right hemisphere processes the negative emotions. 3. The hormone, oxytocin, is found in all animals that influences who animals relate to other
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Unformatted text preview: animals. It is present in areas of the brain linked to emotions and seems to influence how animals relate to each other. In humans, oxytocin levels rise dramatically during sex. For these reasons, it has been deemed the “hormone of love.” 4. The labor difference between the left and right brains can be viewed as very beneficial to humans. Any time a person experiences brain damage, it is unusual that both hemispheres of the brain end up being damaged. Therefore, the functions of the side of the brain that are not damaged can still be used....
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