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Discussion Questions 199-206 - raise his voice. As a...

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Robby Regan PID: rregan12 10/12/10 Tuesday 2:30 Honor Code Signature ________________________________ 1. Skinner’s first step is to find a subject to reach. The most common animals are a cat, a dog, a pigeon, a mouse, a parrot, a chicken, or a pig. The second thing is to find a reward for the subject, for instance food. Lastly, you need a fast signal to reinforce the behavior. 2. You have to stop the behavior from happening, because it will interfere with the rest of the experiment. If you give the dog food or give the signal when the subject is begging, then you will ruin your results. 3. Skinner talks about a mother raising her voice at a child. This teaches the child to also
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Unformatted text preview: raise his voice. As a result, the mother will have to raise her voice even more. It is a continuous cycle. The mother doesn’t understand that he or she became be so disruptive because of what he or she learned from her. 4. We all reinforce undesired behaviors. A good example would be biting nails. No one wants to bite their nails; they do it out of habit when they are nervous. Another thing is when women get mad at men for leaving the toilet seat up. You can reinforce the nails by paying attention to when you are biting your nails and to stop. And for the toilet seat, just practice putting it down....
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