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Robby Regan Rregan12 9/29/2010 Tuesday 2:30 Honor Code Signature _____________________________ 1. These days, the view of the subconscious is more specific. Freud’s view of the subconscious is simpler than the modern view of the subconscious. He thought of the subconscious as a mix between an emotional impulse and a logical impulse. Our subconscious is something that describes our personalities. It is part of who we are as people; it defines our behaviors. 2. “Subconscious thinking is the source of our inspiration, and it is central to creativity” (157). Creativity comes directly from the subconscious. 3. A test that would work to see if the subconscious is evident is to ask people to answer a
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Unformatted text preview: question that forces them to use their gut instinct rather than intellectually analyze the question. Then after they answer the question from their instinct, ask them to explain why they chose that answer. A gut instinct answer is one that comes from the subconscious. 4. When someone asked what the name of an actor or actress’s name in a movie, and it doesn’t come to me instantly. Then, later in the day, when I’m not thinking about it, the answer comes to me. That is an example of letting my subconscious figure out the answer to a question...
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