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Robby Regan PID: rregan12 9/14/10 CRN: 95300 Tuesday 2:30 PM Honor Code: ___________________________________ 1. How was David Griffin’s life affected by anosmia? David Griffin lost the ability to smell for the rest of his life. Shortly after he lost his sense of smell, his house caught fire; he was not woken up by the smell of smoke but the neighbors yelling. 2. How are odors and memories related? Our brain keeps tracks of odors we’ve smelt in the past. When we smell that odor again, it reminds us of the previous time. Odors can cause your emotion to change based on the memory of that odor. 3. What differences exist between the neurons involved in smell and the neurons involed
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Unformatted text preview: with our other senses? The neurons involved with smell constantly replace themselves. No other nerves in the body can do that. They replace themselves after about a month or so. Also, they are the only neurons out in the open, only covered by a layer of mucus. 4. If you had to choose one of your senses to live without, what would it be and why? I would get rid of my ability to smell. I love smells, but it is the least important to me. All the other senses seem more valuable than smell I would rather be able to taste something than smell it....
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