Learning - counterconditioning(Mary Cover Jones& Watson...

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Key  Learning  Terms (Lahey, 2009, Chapter 7) Classical Conditioning (Ivan Pavlov, 1849 – 1936) unconditioned vs. conditioned stimulus unconditioned can elicit someone without any learning  (meat powder) conditioned is stimulus comes to elicit a response because it was paired with  an unconditioned stimulus  (salivation of dog) unconditioned vs. conditioned response unconditioned is unlearned, inborn reaction to an unconditioned stimulus  (bell, originally didn’t cause response, but did when paired with meat) condition is draws a response because it is paired with a conditioned  stimulus  (dog began salivating to sound of bell, caused by unconditioned  response) acquisition, extinction, spontaneous recovery conditioned or learned taste aversion
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Unformatted text preview: counterconditioning (Mary Cover Jones & Watson, 1924) ♦ Operant Conditioning (B.F. Skinner, 1904 – 1990) positive vs. negative reinforcers primary vs. secondary reinforcer or punisher Premack Principle * continuous vs. partial reinforcement schedule fixed vs. variable schedule ratio vs. interval schedule shaping & successive approximations punishment by removal vs. application avoidance conditioning, learned helplessness stimulus discrimination vs. generalization (operant & classical conditioning) extinction & spontaneous recovery ♦ Observational Learning (Albert Bandura, 1925 –) cognitive & insight learning (Harry Harlow’s monkeys) vicarious reinforcement & punishment observational learning and aggression *Not in book, but covered in class...
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Learning - counterconditioning(Mary Cover Jones& Watson...

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