Exam 2 Review - Exam 2 Review Sleep Sleep Stage 2...

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Exam 2 Review Sleep - Sleep Stage 2- transition between light sleep to deep sleep, beta delta, sleep disorders, spindles - Stage 4- night terrors can occur - REM- very high arousal, hippocampal activity - Sleep Apnea- causes breathing to stop, then wake up for air - Bruxism- teeth grinding, during stages 1 and 2 - Non-REM Sleep- not many dreams, less negative emotion - Day Residue- contents of dreams that that are directly related to things going on in our lives Memory - Taste Aversion- occurs in a single exposure (e.g. farmer puts drugs in lamb meat, wolves eat meat, do not want to eat lamb) - Chunking- grouping things together to improve memory - If the hippocampus is damaged, disability to learn new information - Retroactive interference- new info prevents recalling old information - Proactive interference- previously learned information limits ability to learn new information - Stage theory of memory- a model of memory based on the idea that we store information in three separate but linked memories (sensory register, short term memory, long term memory) - Short Term Memory- second stage of the memory - Chunks- units of memory - Procedural Memory- memory for motor movements and skills - Semantic memory- memory for meaning without reference to the time and place of
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Exam 2 Review - Exam 2 Review Sleep Sleep Stage 2...

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