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Earhart v. William Low Co. 25 Cal. 3d 503 (1979) Fact: Operative Facts: A construction worker, at the request of the defendant, worked on a mobile home park in expectation to be paid for his work. He worked on not only the defendant’s property, but also the adjacent owner’s property, under the supervision of the defendant. He worked for 1 week, after being urged by the defendant, that they must start before the special use permit expires. They were then not paid. Issue: Whether Earhart can recover for the work he did. Rule: To recover through restitution, there must be a benefit to the defendant at the expense of
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Unformatted text preview: the plaintiff, and the defendant retention of that benefit without compensating the plaintiff would be unfair. Rational: To assess the amount of restitution to which the plaintiff is entitled to, the court broaden the traditional rational of, the defendant only having to pay for the direct benefit they get from the plaintiff, they then broadened it to, the defendant has to pay for whatever they asked the plaintiff to do. Holding: The plaintiff can recover from the construction of both properties under the theory of restitution. Synthesis: Dissent/Concurrences:...
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