Week 13 (contract defenses continue)

Week 13 (contract defenses continue) - Week 13 (Contract...

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Week 13 (Contract Defense Continue) Unconscionability conintue… Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co. Statute of Fraud - Contracts subject to a statute of fraud o Land sale contracts To buy, transfer or pay for any interest in land. Mortgages, life estates, easements, timeshares, long-term leases (under a year) o Suretyship contracts (to take over a loan or payment) Surety = a person who promises to pay or perform on behalf of another party Answering for the duty of another Co-signer UNLESS… Co-signer receives direct monetary benefit o Contracts not to be performed within one year Contracts that cannot possibly be completed within one year o Contracts for the sale of goods for $500 or more o Contracts made in consideration of marriage (contracts in consideration of. Promises to marry are not legally enforceable wheather or not in writing). But spouses promise to transfer property. Spouse v. spouse or spouse v. third party Prenups too o Contracts by executors to answer for a duty owed by their decedents
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Week 13 (contract defenses continue) - Week 13 (Contract...

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