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James Nguyen Torts I Thursday 6:30pm 9/15/2011 In the case at hand, the Professor did not keep the dog in a private area, or in a private room owned by the Professor. In McCracken, the defendant was smoking in the presence of the plaintiff in the defendant’s office. The court made clear that the defendant was in his own office, hinting that they did not rule against other areas such as common place and places that were not the defendant’s. The Professor had the dog in the presence of the student in the classroom. A classroom is not particular a common place, and it is not particularly owned by teacher or the
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Unformatted text preview: students. A classroom is one that is shared between both the teacher and the student, which gives interest to both groups. Bringing a dog or smoking in a classroom with knowledge that a student or a teacher is dangerously allergic to, would be enough to establish intent to cause an offensive contact, because both groups of people has an obligation to be in that space together at the same time, which is different from the office in McCracken....
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