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Rudolph v. Arizona B.A.S.S 182 Ariz. 622 (1995) Fact: Operative Facts: GCBB sponsored a bass fishing tournament. Originally it was for Alamo Lake, however, since that lake was unavailable at the time, they choose Bartlett lake. There were some members who were opposed to this because that lake was congested with boats and jet ski traffic. They however went with it. They imposed a 1pm deadline, for fish to be weighted, otherwise, there would be penalties. Also, there was only 1 weighing station, which was located at the launch area. One group, was going at 40mph back to the weighing station, with a “winnable” bass, and collided with a jet ski, killing one. Issue: Whether GCBB could be sued on negligence because they chosen a place with heavy boating and jet ski traffic.
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Unformatted text preview: Rule: Negligence is on a reasonable person standard, they have a duty to not create more risk to the naturally risk of things. Rational: This court is of appeals, to reverse whether there could be a summary judgment. Held that 1) they did impose more risk because, they knew it was a congested lake, they imposed a strict time limit, and only gave one weighing station. Also GCBB did owe a duty to the jet ski person, even if they were not participating in the event, or even speculating the event. They however, shared the same waterway, similar to cars sharing the same road. Holding: The court remanded the case, stating that there was enough evidence to prove that GCBB could be negligence and they did owe a duty to the decedent Synthesis: Dissent/Concurrences:...
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