Stahlecker v. Ford Motor Company

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Stahlecker v. Ford Motor Company 266 Neb. 601 (2003) Fact: Operative Facts: Amy was driving her car, as the tires popped, leaving her stranded in the middle of no where. She then was assaulted and murdered. Parents are bringing the claim up on firestone and ford, stating that the knew the tires were defected and didn’t repair them. Also that they should have known that incidents like this would happen. Issue: Whether firestone and Ford are liable of negligent. Rule: For a negligent claim, there must a duty, and there must be proximate cause. For there to be proximate cause, there must be: 1) that without the negligent action, the injury would not have occurred, commonly known as the “but for” rule, 2) that the injury was a natural and probable result of the
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