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Torts Week 5 Consent procured by Fraud or Duress, does not shield the defendant form liability. Patients’ consent to lifesaving medical treatment. If patients firmly state that they do not want a certain type of treatment, such as blood transfusion, then the doctors must respect that, or else they’ll have committed a battery and even malpractice and get their licenses suspended. Self Defense Covered. can only use like defense as attacking. Lethal to lethal, and non-lethal to non-lethal. Don’t have
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Unformatted text preview: to run from own dwelling. Problem 3 p. 73 Black man came into liquor store, looking like he was going to rob it. Store owner shot him. He didnt have a gun, just wrong place at the wrong time. Defense of Others 2 types. Either he assumes the same circumstances as the person hes helping, or he is entiteld to his own views. Defense of Property May use reasonable force, not likely to cuase GBI or death to prevent another from the intrustion upon actors land or chattels. Necessity...
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