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Torts week 12 - Anderson Approach is that everyone owes the...

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Torts week 12 Actual Causation: - Did the defendant cause the plaintiff’s harm? - When one of Several Defendants did it, bee we can’t tell which one: o Alternative Liability Proximate Cause - Very important in terms of negligent claims - Must have been reasonably foreseeable Cardozo’s Approach was that he looked at the foreseeable of plaintiff, and there has to be a foreseeable outcome.
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Unformatted text preview: Anderson Approach is that everyone owes the world at large a duty to refrain from acts that may unreasonably threaten the safety of others. His factors include:-Natural and continuous sequence-Direct connection without too many intervening causes-Not too attenuated (very far removed conceptually)-Not too remote in time and space Kingston Approach...
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