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Trimarco v. Klein 56 N.Y. 2d 98 (1982) Fact: Operative Facts: A tenant was stepping out of his shower, as the shower glass door shattered, serverly injuring him. The Landlord did not replace the shower glass door with a shatter proof glass. Landlords, as a common practice, has been using shattered proof glass as glass doors. Issue: Whether a failure to adhere to a common practice, cause the defendant to be liable of negligence. Rule: Negligence is when a person fails to emit not only a standard duty of care, but to create unnecessary risks that society is not willing to accept Rational: Whether or not a shatter proof glass replacement was a common practice is up to the jury to
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Unformatted text preview: decide. And the jury must weight that fact with the facts of the case, and of the defendant to see whether he had a duty to replace the glass door with a shattered proof glass door. Holding: Broad: Narrow: A landlord maybe liable for not adhering to standard practices of the profession of making the residence more safe, if the landlord had a duty of care to make the change. Synthesis: There is a custom. The custom was not followed by this one landlord. (existence & whether custom is reasonable). Dissent/Concurrences:...
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