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McCormick v. Kopmann 161 N.E. 2d 720 (1959) Fact: Operative Facts: A widow’s husband died in a car accident. She has 2 contradicting counts on her plead, Count I which states that the truck that crashed into the car went into the center lane and the husband was not negligent. Count 4 was that bar the husband was in right before that supplied him liquor and was proximity linked to the cause of death. Issue: Whether the two contradicting alternatives should have been the basis of a motion to dismiss Rule: A person may plead in the alterative, even if it is contradicting, as long as they do not
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Unformatted text preview: know of the answer to the fact that is cause of the alternative Rational: In the case at bar, the widow was unsure of the drinks, and whether that would have had him to drive negligently. She found during discovery that it was only 1 drink, and through testimonies, the drink did not cause him to be negligent. So the Jury agreed with count 1. Holding: A person may argue in the alternative, even if the alternative is a direct contradiction to the original claim, as long as the fact is not truly known by the party raising the alterative. Synthesis: Dissent/Concurrences:...
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