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Piper aircraft co. v. Reyno 454 U.S. 235 (1981) Fact: Operative Facts: There was a plane crash of a small commercial aircraft, and the pilot and 5 passengers were killed instantly. The aircraft, twin-engine Piper Aztec, was made by Piper aircraft Co. A representative of the parties filed a action in the US, California, removed the forum to Pennsylvania. The defendants wanted to move it to scottland, because of ease of access, + more favorable laws. Issue: Whether they could have dismissed the case to be moved to Scottland Rule: There must be Rational: The Court of appeals reversed because of district court abused its discretion in conducting the Gilber analysis. 2 nd , court held that dismissal is NEVER appropriate where the law of the alternative forum is less favorable to the plaintiff. Supreme court states that, Appeals erred because you can’t just defeat a motion to dismiss because the law would be unfavorable to the plaintiff. The purpose of a change in forum, of non
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Unformatted text preview: convience is. . the convience of the forums for both the plaintiff and the defendant, and the process of it. They take into account, many factors, none specifically stating what weights more than other. Also, because these are citizents and residence of a foreign country, there would be less weight given to keep them in the US, because, they are trying to remove it through non-convience. Also, scottland has a very strong interest in this litigation, because it involves them, and their airspace, ect. Holding: The Court of appeals was reversed, allowing the change of forum to be in place. Synthesis: Corporation is a resident of the same state that it sells a part to. Dissent/Concurrences: Notes: Reyno is a representative to aliens. So they could remove to federal court. Piper moved to transfer, Hartzer moved to dismiss....
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